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After the outstanding success of the LayBag, which is already found in many households, the German company of the same name brings out a new air sofa model: the LayBag Rocca. You can practically use it in your home, office or outdoor. Since this model is also an inflatable couch, there are no limits to the flexible application possibilities. On the contrary, the practical integrated carrying bag allows you to take the LayBag Rocca everywhere. We have taken the “Rocca” in the Laybag test for you under the magnifying glass and share the following important information about the lifestyle hit with you.


What is LayBag Rocca?


Surely you have already heard of the LayBag, an air sofa of the company of the same name, which has already made a name for itself since its appearance. The innovative lifestyle trend is currently enjoying increasing popularity. The LayBag is an inflatable couch, which can be taken anywhere comfortably. The air sofa can provide you with a rest during the breaks, for example in the office. Thanks to the simple assembly and dismantling method, the LayBag can be stored in a space-saving manner and can be stowed away quickly after use. Thanks to the water-resistant material, the LayBag is also suitable for outdoor occasions – be it as garden furniture, holiday or leisure companions. Just as well, the LayBag can also be flexibly and easily extended to your own residential landscape.


Difference between LayBag and LayBag Rocca


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The LayBag Rocca is a new model of the air sofa brand, which is known for its high quality. What is the difference between the LayBag Rocca and the classic LayBag? In appearance and application, he is in no way inferior to his “big brother” and differs only in creative subtleties. The LayBag Rocca differs primarily in its dimensions and weight from the classic air sofa. The smaller light weight is more like an inflatable chair designed for use by one person. This makes him all the more a practical companion for the road. This is exactly the purpose the German company LayBag is pursuing with the development of the “Rocca”: According to the manufacturers, the LayBag Rocca represents the “urban evolution of innovation”. In other words, the practical invention makes an innovative application possible everywhere Only in nature, even in the city, the LayBag Rocca can be used. The possibilities continue to evolve, so you can determine the usage quasi individually.

The portable air sofa is equipped with an integrated transport bag that allows you to carry it everywhere. In addition, practically everyday items such as mobile phones, keys, wallets and the like can be stored at the same time. The LayBag’s clever developers offer even more flexible options for users to enjoy practical comfort, which is already standard for many people today.



LayBag Rocca – the material: Exclusive, weather-resistance Nylon-Ripstop

The exterior of the LayBag Rocca and the classic LayBag are made of high quality nylon ripstop. This special nylon type is characterized by the fact that it is particularly sturdy as well as lightweight, so that the LayBag Rocca can fulfill its practical function the better. The nylon ripstop was exclusively manufactured and designed to withstand external influences particularly well. At the same time, the manufacturers have focused on durability and sustainability. The high durability of the material makes the LayBag Rocca therefore also an ideal companion for barbecue celebrations, festivals or camping trips. The LayBag closure tape can be attached practically to poles and similar stable objects, so that it remains in place even in winds. Alternatively, the transport item can also be filled with a heavy object to ensure a firm stand.

Buildup und degrading the LayBag Rocca


Laybag und Fatboy Lamzac AufbauanleitungThe LayBag Rocca is so cleverly conceived that the construction and dismantling can be easy and fast in seconds. You do not need either an air pump, nor do you have to blow your own air until you feel impotent: You can easily let the air into the LayBag by bringing it out of the bag and a few times in swinging movements through the air Moved Through the movements the air flows into the LayBag, so you only have to roll up, fold and then close the open end. Our instructions will explain the steps in detail. No reason for concern: We show you how easy it is to build the LayBag Rocca.


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