Laybag replacement inlay (extra strong)



Laybag-Ersatz-Inlay (extra stark)Laybag replacement inlay (extra strong) – easy handling – hard-wearing – German technique – very comfortable – environmentally friendly – useable on every surface

Producer Laybag overworked the inlay (the insides) of the Laybag and made it additionally strong. The outcome of this is a sturdier product, which is better prepared for outside influences.  The nylon ripstop material already promises a very stable outside. The new inlay is increasing this effect. Additionally they wanted to make the process of inflating even easier. Here you can find an introduction of how to prepare the Laybag for use.

In our opinion there are four outstanding advantages for using a Laybag.

It is stunning lightweight with 1,2 kg

If you mastered the technique you can inflate a Laybag within seconds. (Laybag assembly instruction)

The nylon ripstop material is offering an extreme comfortable and resistant air couch.

It can be used on every surface, for example on wather, sand or rocks.