New energy through Power Nap on the Laybag

Laybag Farbe rot - Powernap
Everyone is aware of this situation: the concentration lags behind during the day. It is increasingly difficult to focus on studying or working. Thoughts are growing more and more, until at last there is nothing left.

A Power Nap causes miracles!

Power napping is well-known, but we would like to go into it shortly. Power napping is a short recovery phase for body and mind to make your everyday life more energetic. At the Power Nap you should be careful to rest for a maximum of 15 – 20 minutes. Then begins the deep sleep and it is hard to get up again. That is why it is important to ensure a pleasant atmosphere to fall asleep quickly.

As you tank on the Laybag cozy energy

In 11 steps to the successful Power Nap


Power Napping Step 1: Choose the right time

The right time is crucial not to disturb the night rhythm. For this reason it is recommended to insert a Power Nap at noon or in the early afternoon.

Power Napping Step 2: Before drinking coffee

Do you like coffee, or green tea? Then you should enjoy this before the Power Nap. Coffee and the tea take a few minutes until they can unfold their lightening effect. During this time, it is easy to sleep. When you wake up, you’ll be surprised twice.

Power Napping Step 3: Provide for darkness

In order to fall asleep more quickly it is advisable to darken the room.

Power Napping Step 4: Calming music or silence

Depending on how you can relax better, whether with music or rather in absolute silence. Test both variants to find the best result for you.

Power Napping Step 5: Finding a comfortable position

Whether sitting or lying down is up to you. We almost unanimously discovered Laybag “Liege” for us.

Power Napping Step 6: The right temperature

Our body does not like it when it is too warm or too cold to fall asleep. A room temperature of 16 – 20 degrees is recommended and promotes a healthy sleep.

Power Napping Step 7: Set the alarm clock

As mentioned in the introduction, a Power Nap should be 15 – 20 minutes. In addition, we are sluggish and our goal to make the rest of the day fit and rich in ideas is quite quickly reversed.

Power Napping Step 8: Get up!

No matter if or how long you slept, if the alarm bell rings after 15 – 20 minutes you should get up. Otherwise, there is the danger of drifting into the deep sleep phase.

Power Napping Step 9: Get the circuit back in swing

In order to get back on the legs, it is recommended to stimulate the circulation. Reinforced aids are:

  • Drink glass of water
  • Move
  • Stretch
  • Spray cold water in your face


Power Napping Anleitung Schritt 10: Helles Licht auf sich wirken lassen
With a few sunrays, a daylight or a bright interior lighting, you signal to your body that it is time to get back up and get fit. Ideally, you have the opportunity to refuel sunrays.

Power Napping Step 11: Routine

Like everything in life, the exercise makes the master. If you follow these 11 steps on a regular basis, you will soon be more energetic through the day. This is reflected in every living situation and also your surroundings will perceive your new charisma.