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Laybag – My Experiences with the flexible Couch “To go“



Summer is coming and we all want to go into the water, to the beach or to the park. But how often did you have problems with finding the right place to lie? Lying on a towel is great for a short period of time – you will soon get a summer feeling!

Laybag sun cool

But only a few minutes later you will feel the hard ground.

A couch, such as the one standing in the living room would be perfect, wouldn’t it? That is the reason why Laybag was invented.

If you consider buying Laybag you will get many information by reading my report.

Laybag is a new and comfortable outdoor product, which will combine a comfortable living room feeling with nature (or a festival).

Laybag black

Laybag is transported in a small bag and must be filled with air. It is made of high-quality ripstop nylon, which can’t be damaged by sharp stones. It is perfect for:

  • holidays at the beach/sea
  • hot days at the lake
  • hiking
  • lying on the water
  • relaxing in the park/garden/balcony/terrace/open-air pool
  • the living room/children’s room



My Experiences with Laybag


I bought a Laybag for this summer and I can sum up, whether the couch filled with air is worth buying. In the following, you will find my criteria:

And here is my Laybag report:


Order your Laybag


It was really easy to order Laybag via the producer. I had just to register und order. In a view days i got my delivery.


Technical Data

Laybag folded blue

Laybag is very light. It weighs only 1.2 kg and can easily be transported. The size without air is 30 x 20 x 15 cm so you can easily put it into a beach bag or a gym bag. When I had to transport many things (drinks, food etc…) I put them all together into a bag of middle-size.

Filled with air Laybag is 210 x 100 cm. It is also perfect for people bigger than two metres.

Laybag is said to have a maximum loading weight of 200 kilos when fully inflated. I have sat on it with three people and it keeps its promise.

Laybag was delivered with a shoulder bag and two stickers for holes.


Laybag Use


I was really curious whether Laybag can be filled with air so easily. The manufacturer says that you don’t have to blow air into it and that an air pump is not required. Laybag is said to be ready for lying or sitting on it within seconds.

If you want to inflate Laybag you simply have to hold it against wind. Once filled with air, roll the top of the lounger and clip it shut trapping air inside.

When I tried this for the first time, it must have looked very strange. But after I had tried it 3 or 4 times, I had the hang of it.

It takes 10-20 seconds to inflate Laybag (depending on the wind).

If there is enough air inside, you can lie comfortably without “falling” into the notch. If there is not enough air, you sink in the couch – so make sure that Laybag is fully inflated. You can use Laybag together with your friends – two or three people can sit on it together. My tip: If you don’t use Laybag or if there is wind, you should fasten the strap to a sunshade or a backpack or something like that. You can also put something heavy into the shoulder bag and fasten it to the strap.


Laybag experience / test



Material and Quality


If you want to buy Laybag, you will have to pay a certain amount of money.

One could easily think that the price is too high, because there are numerous cheap lilos and air-beds… And that was also my first thought.

But the material is very durable (even though it is quite thin) and Laybag can be used on rough or stony grounds.

Laybag is made of ripstop nylon.

The same material is used for parachutes or kites of high quality. So I think the price is really ok and I could use the lounger on many different grounds.




I have already used Laybag on the following grounds:

  • lawn
  • sand
  • asphalt
  • stony paths/areas
  • water
  • rocks

Regarding the rocks I really have to admit that you need a suitable rock, which is big enough to lie on – I had problems finding one. But the lounger was not damaged.

And yes, Laybag can also be used for relaxing on the water. It is similar to a lilo but it is much more comfortable. I can really recommend it!

There were also no problems when I used Laybag on other grounds.


Design und Stil


Laybag is an innovative product and not everybody has heard of it yet. That is maybe the reason why many people looked at me when I was lying in the park or the open-air pool. But I really have to admit it has a very stylish shape and that I love the colours. I decided for a blue Laybag. If you consider buying a Laybag, you can choose between the following colours: pink, blue, green and black – I think you will soon find your favourite colour.

Laybag rot Laybag grün Laybag blau
10 years Guaranty - Express delivery within 24 hours 10 years Guaranty - Express delivery within 24 hours 10 years Guaranty - Express delivery within 24 hours
Laybag pink Laybag schwarz Laybag orange
10 years Guaranty - Express delivery within 24 hours 10 years Guaranty - Express delivery within 24 hours 10 years Guaranty - Express delivery within 24 hours


Price-Performance Ratio


As I said before – I think the price is really ok. When I was using Laybag the last two months I realised that it will last for some more years.

So Laybag is not a typical product which will only last for one summer.

It is too practical, too comfortable and the quality is too high.

So the price is really acceptable. If you add up all the money that you spend for lilos during a period of 4-5 years, the price will almost be the same. But ordinary lilos are not that comfortable or stylish and don’t provide such a flexible use.




I really hope that my experiences with Laybag helped you to get more details about this comfortable couch filled with air. When buying Laybag I thought: “Is this thing really worth the money?”

But to conclude, I can assure: Laybag is a top and innovative product, which is perfect for travelling, for leisure time and even for the living room.



Laybag - Fatboy Lamzac - Fatboy Sitzsack - Fatboy Hängematte

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